Luna Ohana Love... An Orange County Family VW Bus Photo Session

June 7, 2022 Beach Sessions, Family Photography, Orange County Family Photography, VW Bus Sessions

Love me a family with their VW Bus!

This was my second session with the Luna family! Araceli had reached out to me a year or so ago wanting to do a session with their VW Bus, but her husband was still working on restoring it. I love doing my VW Bus Mini Sessions, when I rent a VW Bus for all of those families that love them, but don't have one. But I love it even more when I get to capture a family with their very own bus!!

We finally got to do the session this Spring and it was perfect!! The weather was gorgeous, super sunny with not a cloud in the sky. It looked like a warm summer afternoon, but in reality, it was a little cold and windy. But we made the best of it and had an amazing time!

One thing I love about VW Bus sessions is using the whole bus, from the side, to the front, the front seat, the back.... it gives me ways to play with posing that normal sessions don't, and depending on the seating configuration, we have to get real creative!

Orange County Family Photographer | Chaotic Perfection Photography

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