Graffiti Walls + Skateboards = Awesome Orange County Family Photography Session

September 8, 2021 Family Photography, Kid Photography, Orange County Family Photography, Orange County Kids Photographer

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."

As parents, one of the pearls of wisdom we are always telling our kids, is to just be themselves. Super important lesson to learn as they grow up.... and even us adults need reminding every now and then. When we aren't acting like ourselves, we come off as inauthentic, fake and it sends out the wrong message to the people around us, or attracts the wrong people to us.

The same is true for your Orange County family photo session and this session is the perfect example of a family just being themselves. Dad is a skateboarder. Miss R just started learning and loves it. So, I found some fun graffiti and wall murals, they put on their Vans and we did the thing!!! And it turned out amazing!!! Just look at how much fun we had!

Don't get sucked in by "keeping up with the Joneses" and doing something that doesn't fit your family's vibe. If you don't like the beach, don't do your session there. If you're not the type of family to dress up, then rock some casual outfits. If you aren't true to yourselves, you'll end up looking uncomfortable and if you aren't have a good time, it will show in your photos.

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