The number one question asked of all photographers.... What do we wear???

To help eliminate the stress and guess work of what can sometimes be a daunting and stressful task, I offer complimentary wardrobe styling for all family sessions!

Choosing clothing for your photo session can seem time-consuming and rather daunting. I know the struggle so let me help! We all know the importance of accomplishing that ‘finished look’ for the timeless, beautiful pictures that everyone desires but you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of putting it together yourself.  Don't worry, I've got you!! My stylist is ready to go to choose outfits for your entire family!

Opting to use my styling for your photo session, allows you to design your session based on your vision, but partnered with my stylist’s amazing talent. Just like the many layers that make a great photo, styled clothing will help to create the perfect look, with accents in shoes and jewelry to match.

How will the styling work? First, complete the questionnaire below so my stylist can get to know your family a bit better. You will share likes, dislikes, budget, and style preferences. Then, my stylist will get to work on a unique Pinterest style board specifically for your family, along with all the (real and working) links to your wardrobe for purchasing. It’s that easy!


If you choose not use my stylist, here are some tips for coordinating your session wardrobe:

Do not... I repeat... DO NOT show up in all matching outfits - the days of khaki pants and white shirts for everyone are long gone. Just don't do it. Please. I beg you.

Avoid shirts with logos, graphics or characters on them. Your child may love their Spiderman or Dora the Explorer shirt. They can wear it any other day BUT picture day. It will distract from their gorgeous eyes and infectious smile.

Solids photograph best, but mix it up with stripes, plaids, argyle or other patterns and textures. Neutrals are always a good starting point since they look good on everyone. Then add some color and texture - you are good to go! Choose 2-3 colors and build from there. If one of your kids is wearing a plaid shirt with a peach or seafoam green, then use those colors for the rest of the family.

Don't forget accessories!!! Jewelry, hair accessories, belts, ties and hats all help tie an outfit together. And layers are great because we can remove a layer (sweater or jacket) and have a whole new look. Or, we can add a cute headband or hat to change it up!

Try shopping at retailers that cater to the whole family, like Old Navy or the Gap. Often they carry a common color palette throughout their entire collection of clothes.

For graduating seniors, bring options! Bring a few outfits - a mix of casual (jeans) and dressy, as well as any "activity" related items (letterman's jacket, sports jersey, musical instrument, ballet shoes, etc) is a good place to start. Bring several pieces from your closet that coordinate and we can go through them together to see what we like best. Its one of my favorite parts of shooting senior portraits!

Feel free to check out my Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration ("Photo Sessions - What do we wear?") - there is a Pinterest link at the top (left hand corner) of the page. 

Of course, I am always available to either text or chat over the phone with you about your wardrobe challenges and questions!